4 Signs You Should Buy A Low-Profile Bed

There are plenty of things to think about when you're buying a bed, but some people still forget to consider the height of their next bed. While traditional beds raise you relatively high, low-profile beds keep things closer to the floor — many are only a tiny bit higher than the mattress they hold. They aren't for everyone, but there are some common signs a low-profile, Australian-made bed might be right for you.

Here are just four.

1. You Like To Stay Cool

Some people tend to find themselves getting too hot when they go to bed, and that can make getting a good night's sleep much tougher than it needs to be. There's nothing worse than waking up each night covered in sweat or desperate for a glass of water. If you tend to get too warm as you sleep, buying a low-profile bed can help. Since hot air rises, the air closer to the floor is going to be cooler, and a low-profile bed can help bring you to that cool air.

2. You Move A Lot In Your Sleep

While some people are lucky enough to remain in pretty much the same position as they sleep, others move around a lot during the night. This increases your risk of rolling out of bed. You may also hang one of your arms over the side and wake up to find it's gone numb. These aren't such concerns when you have a low-profile bed since the distance between the top of the mattress and the floor is so small.

3. You Like To Keep Things Simple

Minimalist styling can make small spaces feel larger and bring a sense of calm and openness to any room, so it can be a good match for a bedroom. Adding a low-profile bed is one of the best ways to create that minimalist aesthetic since they take up much less space than traditional beds and tend to fit well with simpler design schemes.

4. You Sleep With Your Pets

Cat owners and dog owners might not always be able to agree on which four-legged friend makes the best pet, but one thing many can agree on is that letting their pet sleep in their bed is a great experience. After all, who doesn't like to wake up to a cat purring by their side or a dog cuddling in for warmth? If you're one of those pet owners, you might want to think about a low-profile bed since these are much easier for cats and dogs to get in and out of, especially as they age. This is convenient for you since you won't have to pick them up, and it's also nice for your pets to be able to come and go as they choose.

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