The Simple Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Adjustable Bed Lasting Longer

Adjustable beds are an important tool that many people use for medical reasons as well as those who simply have a personal preference for a more custom sleeping experience. Due to their electric connection and the many components that exist in the adjustable bed's overall composition, it is easy to see how they might age quicker than your normal bed. This can be quite frustrating, as adjustable beds often cost thousands of dollars and the last thing you want to do is to have to replace it after only a couple years. Here are a few preventative measures you should take to keep your adjustable bed lasting as long as possible. 

Compatible Mattress

When you buy an adjustable bed frame, the next most important decision is what mattress to get to accompany it. Not all mattresses go well with the maneuverability that adjustable beds offer, and the biggest mistake people make after they buy their frame is getting a mattress that is too rigid. Never assume that the mattress you already own will work well with your new adjustable bed. Instead, do some research and look for mattresses specifically earmarked as ready for use with an adjustable frame. Don't try and save money on the mattress, and if you can't afford a good quality option, then perhaps look at downgrading your choice of adjustable frame and getting a bit better quality mattress instead. 


Yes, it might sound funny that your adjustable beds should have servicing just like a car, but the simple fact is that without regular servicing, it will break down sooner rather than later. From the hydraulic components to the ongoing durability of the bars and frame, an adjustable bed's service doesn't take long and covers the whole bed. The most important tool in your arsenal is always preventative work, and if you can stop a major problem like a short circuit from happening, then you could save yourself major repairs in the future. 

Daily Use 

Adjustable beds require a little more foresight and thought when being used so that the more fragile elements remain in good condition. That means that you should only ever sit or lie in the middle of the bed (so you don't accidentally overload the gears and motors in one particular area), always keep the power cord as straight as possible, reset the bed by flushing the power every month or so (unplugging it from the wall, waiting a few seconds and then replugging it) and make sure to rotate the mattress just like you would on a regular bed. With those easy instructions in mind, you should never run into any problems that you can't deal with. 

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